Introduction to Balanced Literacy

In this interactive workshop series, new teachers will explore the components of balanced literacy and engage in best practices for each component.  Emphasis will be placed on word study, explicit comprehension instruction using authentic text,  and vocabulary.  Additionally, participants will practice using data to drive reading instruction. 

Shining Before STAAR (K-2)

The cognitive demands of STAAR are ever increasing.  We can't wait until third grade to teach students how to think  deeply about text.  In this workshop, participants will learn and practice instructional strategies that embed rigor and critical thinking at a developmentally appropriate level.

Shining Before STAAR (3rd-5th)

Don't wait until the second semester to prepare students for the demands of STAAR!  In this workshop, participants will learn how to plan and deliver rigorous reading instruction that develops students' ability to think deeply about text WITHOUT test passages and packets.

First Things First

It is no secret that first grade is a critical year in a child's academic career.  Research and experience tell us that effective primary reading teachers must have a deep understanding of how children learn to read and process text.  In this series of workshops, first grade teachers will explore and engage in each component of effective early literacy instruction.

All You Need is One Book

If we want to create REAL readers, we have to use REAL literature.  In this session, kindergarten through fifth grade teachers will analyze authentic literature of various genres and use it as a foundation to plan for each element of effective literacy instruction.

Struggling Readers in the Early Grades (also available for 3rd-5th grades)

 In order to provide effective reading instruction, teachers must understand their students' reading behaviors. In this session, kindergarten through second grade teachers will use various types of reading data to determine student strengths and areas for growth.  In addition, teachers will plan instruction that targets individual or common student needs.

A Way with Words

Vocabulary matters!  Studies have shown that depth and breadth of vocabulary knowledge are important indicators of reading success.  In this workshop, teachers will learn how to teach vocabulary effectively (no copying dictionary definitions) while maximizing instructional time.